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Electronic cigarette store franchise   Business categories: Electronic cigarette store, Shop, Electronics Year of operation: 2017 Number of own objects: 6 Franchise payback period: from 6 months. Minimum investment amount: $ 5 thousand Entrance fee: $ 5 thousand or $ 8 thousand, depending on the brand and format of the store Additional payments: 5% percent […]

Location: Ukraine
Industry: Trade, shops
Royalty: 1%% / month
Payback: 8-12 month
Monthly income: 25000 грн
148000 грн

Exit mobile point, available only for existing frachais, ie those who already own the Lviv Chocolate Workshop   Entrance fee $ 50-150 thousand Investment for start-up from 6 months Payback period from 1 year required area 2 sq.m. Required number of staff 2 workers   An institution that is located in shopping malls Entrance fee […]

Location: Ukraine
Industry: Restaurants, cafes
Franchise fee: 535000 грн
Royalty: 3%% / month
Payback: 24 month
1500000 грн

It is at this moment that you should take your first sip! A stronger and more heady sin is apple tincture. You always want a little more. Hot apple, the best punch with cinnamon, cloves and star anise, irritates the appetite and invariably warms. Что выбрать ко всему этому? Хот-дог, пирог и устрицу! Устрица с […]

Location: Ukraine
Industry: Restaurants, cafes
Franchise fee: 1680000 грн
Royalty: 5%% / month
Payback: 12 – 24 month
Monthly income: 150000 грн
6200000 грн

A franchise project from the Let’s Go with Us network is beneficial to both parties:   For a franchisee, this means gaining missing experience, shortening payback periods, reducing entrepreneurial risks, and relatively easy entry into a large tourism business. For a franchisor, this is the development of new territories, business consolidation, an increase in sales […]

Location: Ukraine
Industry: Tourism
Franchise fee: 400000 грн
Royalty: от 0,1 до 2%% / month
Payback: 12 – 24 month
Monthly income: 30000 грн
1500000 грн

Ukrainian brand of a chain of coffee houses, working in the “coffee to go” format.

The mission of our company is to develop a culture of consumption of high-quality coffee, applying high standards of service, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the taste of premium Arabica.

We don’t just sell coffee, we give people positive emotions.

Location: Kiev city
Industry: Restaurants, cafes
Franchise fee: 50400 грн
Royalty: 1% / month
Payback: 12 – 24 month
Monthly income: 75600 грн
750000 грн