How to get a residence permit in Ukraine in 2020

residence permit

Let’s decide right away. An article about the easiest ways to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. As a general rule, it is issued for 1 year with the possibility of annual renewal.

Among the variety of paths, there are 3 best options that will help you stay in Ukraine.

  • Marriage
  • Volunteering
  • Business

Each of these bases has its own advantages and disadvantages. One has an attractive price, the other has an easier procedure. Something is suitable for citizens of any country, something is only certain.

The underlying rule is simple. You must choose the one that suits you best. This will be the key to successful paperwork.

Residence permit by marriage. Everything is simple and very complicated.

The place of marriage does not matter to obtain residence permit. You can be a citizen of Algeria, marry a Ukrainian woman in Tunisia, and this will be enough to obtain a residence permit. There is only one rule: the spouse must be citizens of Ukraine.

The law is indifferent to the length of the marriage. One day or one year, it doesn’t matter. Even if you are married for only 1 day, you can already apply.

Difficult – if there is no spouse.

You can find many ads on the Internet from people who are willing to marry for a fee. In Ukraine, there is no liability for the conclusion of a fictitious marriage. However, there are many scams in this market. From forging a marriage certificate to the usual “scammer” when they take an advance payment for registering a marriage, but then the groom / bride disappears.

The advantages of a residence permit for marriage.

  • Affordable cost (if there is a spouse / spouse). The price of the work of a migration lawyer is from 350 to 700 dollars. USA (in Kiev).
  • Possibility, after 2 years of being married, to obtain a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) in Ukraine.


There is a high probability of fraud when registering a fictitious marriage and a significant cost of services of fictitious wives / husbands (from 1000 US dollars for 1 year)

Residence permit for volunteering. Not for all.

Any foreigner who wishes to volunteer in Ukraine can obtain a residence permit for 1 year.

To do this, you must become a member of a volunteer organization. Only not just an organization, but one that has passed the inspection of the Ministry of Social Policy and received permission to attract foreign volunteers to its activities.

Please note that there are “dealers” who will offer you to become a member of a volunteer organization for a small amount (from $ 150). When submitting the documents, it turns out that the organization is “fake” and has not passed the inspection of the Ministry of Social Policy. You will not return the money.

Important! It is very difficult to get a residence permit for volunteering for citizens from countries of migration risk (you can get acquainted with the list here). However, this is also possible.

Benefits of a residence permit for volunteering.

  • Fast paperwork. The whole procedure takes 1 to 3 days.
  • Reasonable price (from USD 500 in Kiev).


  • The possibility of fraud (inclusion in the membership of “fake” volunteer organizations).
  • Limited use for citizens of those states that belong to countries of migration risk.

Permit for business. Trouble-free, but expensive.

Let’s designate immediately. It will be about organizing a business (you are the founder of a company), not about a residence permit for employment (you are hired as an employee).

The main difference between these two grounds is that if you are applying for a residence permit for business (as the founder of a company), then lawyers reduce your tax burden to zero. This cannot be done if you are applying for a residence permit as an employee. Your salary must be at least UAH 37200. (payroll taxes – more than USD 500 per month).

The main stages of obtaining a permit.

  • Registration of a company on the territory of Ukraine (to become its founder)
  • Obtaining a permit from the Employment Center for employment
  • Timing. Establishing a company takes 1 – 3 days, obtaining a work permit is 10 – 20 days. Taking into account all the points, the procedure may take 30 days.

The implementation of this scheme requires significant knowledge of migration and corporate law. There are very subtle points in this process that are known only to “dedicated” lawyers. Your chances of being denied a permit are greatly increased if you contact incompetent specialists.

Benefits of a residence permit for business.

  • The best option for countries of migration risk (sometimes the only one).
  • The ability to apply for a residence permit for 3 years at once.
  • Disadvantages of a residence permit for business.
  • Duration of the procedure (preparation of documents up to 30 days).
  • The complexity and cost of registration (in Kiev from 1000 US dollars).
Added: 09/02/2020
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