Labor and employment

Labor law of Ukraine is the result of the evolution of outdated socialist legislation in accordance with the modern realities of a market economy – market conditions change regularly, as well as forms and methods of interaction between employer and employee, payment for work performed.

The main goal and idiom of labor law is to ensure mutual safety and comfort for both parties of such legal relations that are the employer and employee. Both sides of legal relations want to be safe – the employer wants to receive quality tasks on time, and the employee, in turn, feels socially protected and receives a stable income.

The modern code of labor laws is the basis of the labor legislation of Ukraine, but, in turn, the legal field of Ukraine allows organizing fruitful cooperation not only in the form of a full-time employee at the enterprise. Therefore, it is far from always possible to independently understand all the subtleties and nuances of labor legislation … at the same time, it should be recalled that the employer has enormous fines for incorrect registration of an employee (without adoption by the state, non-payment of all mandatory payments for an employee). In addition, the employee must remember that in some situations it is extremely difficult to receive an unpaid part of the salary or even the salary.

Labor law attorney – a specialist who collects wage arrears, takes part in labor disputes related to illegal dismissal, provides full legal advice in the field of labor relations.

Settlement of labor disputes – the illegal dismissal and collection of wage arrears, today are the main types of disputes in labor relations. If you become a party to such a dispute, you better seek qualified legal assistance. One simple idea is described above – qualified legal assistance will provide comfort and the ability to focus on fulfilling assigned functional duties, rather than delving into bureaucratic subtleties and interweaving.



Is it obligatory to register an employment contract?

If the employer is a legal entity - registration of the employment contract is not required. It is necessary to register such an agreement only if the individual acts as an employer.

Does maternity leave count towards seniority?

The three-year period of child care is included in the insurance period.

Can a company impose fines?

Labor law does not provide for the application of penalties, but there is no direct ban, you can contact the relevant unions..