Dispute Resolution

Extrajudicial and judicial dispute resolution

Settlement of court disputes – is a service for the judicial representation of a party’s position in a court of relevant jurisdiction: civil, administrative, economic disputes.

Absolutely any lawsuit affects the interests of the client. Each individual case requires an integrated and individual approach. The judicial resolution of the dispute involves a full analysis of the case and all circumstances that may affect the result directly or indirectly. Before making a decision on resolving a dispute in court, it is necessary to analyze information on the conditions of consideration, budget and possible options for resolving a court dispute.

Our company specializes in providing services for the legal protection of the rights and legitimate interests of clients in court at all stages of production in the relevant areas of law.

But resolving a case through a court is far from the only way out of the conflict. It is much simpler and faster to resolve the dispute out of court – by contract. As practice shows, this saves both financial and temporary assets. Most often, it is more effective.

Alternative dispute resolution is the ability to resolve a dispute out of court. First of all, negotiations are underway to make a joint decision and find a compromise for further cooperation. Also, when signing the contracts, the parties may indicate that all disputes arising will be considered in the arbitration, in which the body (arbitration court) will be formed on an ongoing basis or for a specific case. Another way of pre-trial settlement of the dispute is mediation – when a third non-interested party is involved in the conflict, which acts as a mediator in the dispute and helps to come to the right decision.

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