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Our project specializes in obtaining a work permit for a foreigner due to our vast experience in the legal services market. We understand the specifics of the issue and resolve issues regarding the work permit for a foreigner quickly and efficiently. On the basis of refined mechanisms, we offer a simple algorithm for the legislative solution of the issue of employment of foreign citizens in Ukraine.
What this service is for
  1. To legally employ a foreigner in Ukraine, the employer directly needs an official permit from the Employment Center according to the territorial location.
  2. This document has a term of work from six months to 36 months. After the end of the document period, it is possible to update as many times as necessary.
  3. The education of a foreign employee matters only when he is registered as an employee of a special category with benefits and unlimited wages.
  4. Employers may be legal entities and individuals. Please note: if a foreign employee works without permission, then a fine is assumed. The amount of the fine is up to 20 times the minimum wage. You can contact us for a free consultation to initially find out all the pitfalls of the process!

for 'Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner'


Consultations, preparation of the required package of documents

Submission of documents

Submission of documents to the central office, obtaining an inventory of accepted documents

Decision making by the state. body

Checking the documents of the central office and making a decision

Getting permission

Registration in the electronic queue, as well as full support for obtaining a ready-made work permit in the state. registration authority

Submission of the contract

Submission of a copy of the employment contract, no later than 100 k.d. from the moment of receipt
More about service

More about service
for 'Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner'

What are our responsibilities?
The list of our services includes registration, as well as the extension of a work permit in Ukraine. In addition, we offer the following service:

  • we provide services in the acquisition of a license for employment abroad,
  • we provide professional advice on time and at all stages,
  • we help in drawing up a package of documents for submission to certain authorities.

This significantly reduces the time for registration and registration of the service. We always provide advice on any issue, so that you receive official documents or a citizen of another country officially and absolutely legally works in your company.

On our site, a list of the entire range of services is provided, as well as the terms for the provision of certain services, their nuances and cost.
What is a work permit, and what are the features of obtaining?
First of all, a permit is a document that gives the employer the right to use the labor of a foreigner at a specific workplace or position for a particular period of time. A foreigner can obtain permission to work in several positions, firms, without restricting himself on the labor market. The applicant has the opportunity to work in several jobs at the same time with all permits.

There are a number of workers for whom official approval is not required. For whom do these conditions apply?

  • For foreigners who regularly reside in the country, have a formalized refugee status or have received an immigration permit
  • representatives of the foreign fleet and airlines
  • foreign media
  • athlet
  • workers of rescue, emergency brigades
  • foreign missions clergy

    Official registration of a permit is not required also for

  • foreigners who arrived in the country to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects
  • conducting teaching activities
  • implementation of scientific projects

List of services

  1. Preparation and preparation of the initial permit.
  2. Extension of the validity of the work permit in Ukraine.
  3. Making additions, amendments to the document for official employment.

On our website you can see examples and samples of documents, what the applications look like, what are submitted to start obtaining a permit, and specialists will instruct how to fill them out accurately and quickly so as not to be rejected by the relevant state authorities. Each client can see reviews and comments from people who have already used these services and were satisfied.
The specialists of our law firm offer affordable prices for services, and will also tell you about what additional costs must be paid as part of obtaining a permit. We offer a quick service for obtaining official employment by foreigners of special status, including the following persons:

  • IT specialists;
  • people started in a creative profession;
  • participants, founders, beneficiaries of a legal entity;
  • highly paid professionals, whose salary is at least 50 times higher than the minimum wage in the country.

We will do everything that you quickly received permission with the maximum working period.

Consultation and Document Preparation 1-2 business days. 1999 UAH
Submission and collection of a package of documents to the Employment Center 7-10 business days. UAH 1000
Translation of a foreigner’s passport, notarization. 1 day. UAH 200
Preparation and submission of a labor contract to the state organ. 1 day. from UAH 500
Necessary documents

Necessary documents
for 'Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner'

Color photograph 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm; 3 pcs.


Labor contract (copy).


Application for a work permit.


Resident's passport of another country with translation;


for 'Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner'

Is it necessary to obtain a work permit to employ a foreign person on the territory of Ukraine?

Improvement of the document "work permit" is a prerequisite for the legal work of a foreign citizen on the territory of Ukraine. There is also a list of exceptions, which is indicated on our website, and you can also check this information with our managers.

Can a private entrepreneur (FOP, FLP, SPD) apply for a work permit for foreigners in Ukraine?

According to the current legislation, a Private Entrepreneur (FOP, FLP, SPD) has such a right.

Is it possible to officially apply for a job for a foreign person who has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, but does not have a work permit?

No, a temporary residence permit in Ukraine does not give such a right. Holders of a permanent residence permit have this right.

Where to get a work permit?

You can obtain a work permit at the territorial subdivision of the Employment Center (State Employment Service of Ukraine).

How quickly can I get a work permit?

This service will take you from 5 to 10 business days.

How quickly can I get a work permit?

This service will take you from 5 to 10 business days.

What is the responsibility for hiring a foreigner who does not have a work permit?

According to the current legislation, the company faces penalties of up to UAH 100,000.

Regulated by

Regulated by
'Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner'

Price for service
'Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner'

Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner

10 business days

UAH 1 999

Extension of a work permit for a foreigner

10 working days

UAH 1 999

Noatrially certification of a foreigner's passport

1 business day

UAH 200

Preparation and submission of a contract to the state registration authority

1 business day

UAH 500

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