Business registration

Business registration in Ukraine every year strives for its simplification. Even though legislative changes do not always contribute to the ease of starting a business, in the last decade it has become much easier to open your own company or obtain the status of an entrepreneur. Opening and running your business in Ukraine is possible only after state registration. It is important to understand that without careful planning and preparation, your business may fail. When registering a business, you should pay attention to some of the main issues.

First of all, to select the type of company you need to determine the form through which the activity will be carried out – a legal entity or the status of an individual entrepreneur. It is worth noting that for some types of activities there are restrictions both regarding the choice of form and type of enterprise. A lawyer to support the opening of a business will help to correctly determine this issue.

The next stage is the preparation of documents required for state registration. Here you need to determine all the most important points regarding how your business will function: types of activities, the procedure for generating and distributing income, tax and stabilization risks.

All constituent documents must strictly comply with applicable law. For example, for a business company, constituent documents must contain strict information regarding the type of company, the order of its functioning, suspension of activity, etc. In cases foreseen by law, signatures on documents will be certified by a notary. The presence of a qualified specialist who can explain their contents in detail is also desirable.

After that, there follows the stage of transferring documents in paper or electronic form to authorized bodies that will enter information into state registers and register your company.

The constituent documentation of the registered legal entity is drawn up in writing, stitched, numbered and signed by the founders.

When electronic registration of an enterprise, all electronic documents must be executed in accordance with the requirements of legislation on electronic document management.

After all the steps for registration and registration of the company are completed, you will receive the necessary permits, opening correspondent accounts for your company.



How to change the legal address?

To change the legal address, you need to submit to the state registrar a completed registration card and a new version of the charter with a new legal address and pay state duty.

How to open a private entrepreneur?

You can open a private entrepreneur by submitting an application to the state registrar or online by obtaining an electronic digital signature.

How long does it take to liquidate a limited liability company?

The term of liquidation of a limited liability company depends on many factors and in practice it is always different. If the company is without problems, the liquidation will take several months, due to bankruptcy may take up to two years.