Public bidding preparation

Supporting the company’s participation in the public procurement procedure

With the entry into force in 2016 of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement”, a large-scale reform of the procurement procedure for public funds was launched.

The mentioned reform allowed small and medium-sized businesses to take part and win in the public procurement procedure, an area that was previously considered extremely corrupt and was practically inaccessible to most enterprises. This fact gave a rather serious impetus to the development of the Ukrainian economy: enterprises received an excellent opportunity to increase sales through government orders, the budget, in turn, a competitive environment and, as a result, the rational and efficient use of taxpayer funds.

To date, anyone who has access to the Internet and is able to fulfill the conditions set by the customer and meet the deadlines can become a participant in the public procurement procedure.

Lawyer to support the participation of the company in the public procurement procedure – specializes in a wide range of issues related to public procurement. At the same time, despite all the positive trends described, some specifics of the public procurement procedure remained: the list of documents required for participation is very large, the requirements for participants and their qualifications are quite strict and not always clear. At the same time, even having all the necessary resources and funds, a participant may be disqualified for not submitting a document or submitting it in time, in an inappropriate form. It is worth noting, despite the rarity, cases of unlawful disqualification or lack of ska participation still remained and in this case without a qualified support of the appeal procedure can not do.