Our projects


Sphere: Internet trade;

Goal: smoking cessation and popularization of alternative means of delivery of nicotine;

Site: uvape.pro

The electronic cigarette was invented in early 2003 and has already helped millions of people quit smoking its analog. Now vaping is not just smoking cessation, but a whole culture, in the arsenal of which there are tens of millions of fans around the world.


Sphere: IT, innovative technologies, intellectual property law;

Purpose: to unite individuals in order to satisfy interests, protect rights and develop in relevant areas;

Site: useit.org.ua

This project is non-commercial. The idea of ​​its creation lies in the need to unite specialized specialists and persons interested in IT technologies and the innovative development of the country.

The format of the organization’s activities is simple: building a bridge for public-private partnership in order to develop IT. This will include holding mass events of a national and international nature, preparing draft normative legal acts in the areas of intellectual property law, IT and innovation, popularizing technical and legal information in these areas, and representing members in state and local government bodies.


Sphere: tourism, international relations;

Purpose: travel, acquaintance with foreign culture, search for international partners and foreign sales markets;

Site: limitless.org.ua

We are planning to create an all-in-one company that will be able to show anyone (person or business) what foreign countries are. How to live, work, build or distribute your own business there? What kind of people and mentality are there? The project must answer these questions.


Sphere: IT – outsourcing;

Purpose: creation of fully functional IT – enterprise management systems, implementation of information security, development of information technology;

Site: loadup.com.ua

IT outsourcing from loadup is the optimal computer technology service for your business. IT outsourcing is a tool that allows you to save money without losing the quality of services.

The project provides highly qualified and uninterrupted IT support 24/7. IT service includes a full range of services for servicing computers, office equipment, local area networks and servers with the deployment of a reliable information security system.

All equipment is under constant control. The client will be fully involved in the main aspect of the company’s activities and is deprived, at the same time, of problems in the IT infrastructure.