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      If you have any questions, please call us +38 (044) 500 22 45.
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      Sell ​​a business / company

      If you decide to sell a ready-made business in Ukraine, then you will need high-quality legal support, which our company has been involved in for many years.

      With the help of the KompashKa project, you can quickly sell a business, a company in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.

      Our company works without intermediaries and third parties, which significantly increases the chances of selling your company. Our customers receive first-hand information.

      What is a ready-made business to sell and buy in Kiev

      The definition of sale of a finished business means the transfer of tangible and intangible assets to a new owner.

      99% of transactions for the sale of business, these are small commercial enterprises that generate profit:

      • Beauty Salons
      • Small gas stations
      • Business in the field of catering (cafes, coffee houses)
      • Small retail stores
      • Internet shops, portals

      The main reason for their popularity is their low cost and high potential for development.

      Also in high demand is the sale of a legal entity (LLC, state of emergency).

      This procedure is useful for new owners to quickly start their business, having missed the stage of state registration, registration in the tax. Also, a stage has already been passed in the pension authorities and other administrative stages of starting a business.

      There are two ways to sell your business.

      The first way – through the conclusion of a contract of sale of corporate rights. On one side, the seller (owner of the enterprise) transfers all legal rights and obligations of the company to the side of the buyer (future owner of the enterprise). This agreement serves as the basis for registration of the new edition of the charter.

      The second method is through the preparation of an application for secession from the company with the further transfer of a part in the authorized capital to the future owner. Such a statement is drawn up and signed by a notary. As in the first case, it is the basis for registration of the new edition of the charter.

      The fundamental factors such as:

      Availability of VAT – companies with the current status of VAT payer are valued more expensively, since this is one of the most financially optimized taxation regimes. Firms without VAT status are not in special demand.
      Business activity – the presence or absence of a history of the company affects the value. Depending on what purposes the sale-purchase of the business is carried out.
      Licenses and permits – the presence of such valid and relevant documents at the enterprise always affects the final price of the company. Companies with licenses will be much more expensive.

      Our company can also help you sell a ready-made business, the franchise of your existing business. In 2020, selling a business through a franchise gained wide popularity. This kind of relationship helps both parties. On the part of the franchisor (seller), you receive material compensation, maintaining your business, giving only the opportunity to use the brand. On the part of the franchisee (buyer), you get a ready-made, customized business that has a recognizable name in the market and plans to further expand its brand awareness by connecting other franchisees.

      Each business before the sale is tested by our public and private registry specialists for tax arrears, financial statements, involvement in criminal cases and other pitfalls that have been encountered in our practice.