Sale business

Every year in Ukraine, services for the sale and purchase of a ready-made business become more and more popular. Legal support for the sale of a business requires close attention and the practice of conducting such transactions, in addition to a thorough knowledge of the law. You simply cannot do without an experienced lawyer in a legal sale or purchase of a business.

The main problem in processing such transactions is the lack of direct legislative regulation of legal relations related to the sale of a business.

Legal support for the purchase and sale of a business begins with a preliminary analysis of the object, during which all legal problems of the company, as well as financial, will be identified. An assessment will also be given to issues related to creditors and counterparties. The main task in completing this kind of transaction is to carry out the sale in accordance with the law without negative consequences for both parties.

The lawyer for the legal support of the sale of the business will verify in detail the constituent documents, existing agreements with contractors for compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine. He will analyze the business model of the enterprise for its compliance with the legislation and the interests of the buyer. The business that is subject to sale is checked for involvement in criminal cases, the presence of tax debt and administrative, economic sanctions. This is a very time-consuming process, from verification of contracts to the availability of permits for carrying out business activities. It is worth noting that the legal sale of a business is in most cases a documentary process, after which the status of a legal entity changes, for example, you become the founder of a company that you acquire without a proper property complex. In addition, financial indicators are analyzed and transactions are recorded based on their rationality for the enterprise and in accordance with the goals of the buyer. If the business is sold with property, then a detailed inventory is carried out to assess the cost of the complex with the conclusion of a contract of sale of property.



How to sell a business?

There are three ways to sell a business: the sale of an entire property complex, the transfer of corporate rights and business donations.

How long will it take to sell a business?

Any business that is sold arouses the suspicion of a potential buyer, the term of sale depends only on you and on how you organize pre-sale preparation.

What does the sale of corporate rights mean?

In this case, the owner of the finished business is changed. The buyer becomes the founder of the finished business.