Taxation and Customs Law

In the modern world, taxation is an integral part of the activities of any enterprise. The tax system in Ukraine is quite confusing and difficult to understand – the number of requirements that must be observed is enormous, and the regulatory authorities can hardly be described as friendly and understanding business problems. Therefore, in Ukraine it is precisely on successful tax planning and the ability to assert one’s rights and interests in this area that largely affect the profitability, profit and functioning of the company as a whole.

Given the intensive integration of Ukraine into the world community, the orientation of many domestic manufacturers to foreign sales markets, the implementation of customs procedures, which are inherently interlinked with taxation issues, remains no less relevant.

Legal tax services are one of the most important areas of jurisprudence. A tax lawyer specializes in all types of taxation of individuals and legal entities. Also, it is worth noting that tax disputes in our country are very common, therefore the resolution of tax disputes for our lawyers is a prerogative.

Despite the declarative immutability of tax and customs legislation, amendments to the Tax and Customs Codes of Ukraine are adopted regularly, which raises doubts about the correctness and procedure for applying the new rules. Perhaps you have already encountered quite controversial actions by representatives of the tax service or customs authorities, unclear requirements that are imposed, and dual interpretations of certain laws. In such a situation, it is very important to respond promptly and reasonably to the actions of such services.

With regard to customs clearance, it should be said that the customs lawyer specializes in customs clearance of goods, represents the interests of the client in the customs authorities and resolves customs disputes. Lawyers of the KompashKa project have significant experience in providing legal services in the field of taxation and customs law, since for many years they have provided advice and successfully represent the interests of their clients in tax and customs disputes.



What is the cost of an enterprise tax audit?

The cost of a tax audit of a resident with a turnover of up to UAH 30 million. starts from 5000 UAH.

We have received a tax notification at the company - what action to take?

First, you need to send this document for analysis to a tax dispute lawyer, then the lawyer will prepare a strategy for appealing this decision.

Why and when is a tax audit necessary?

To check the correctness of tax accounting. Also, an audit is required after the change of the chief accountant and before inspections by regulatory authorities.

How much does it cost to represent interests in court by a tax lawyer?

The rates for representing interests in court start at UAH 5,000.