Real estate and construction

The real estate and construction sector has been developing rapidly in recent years – the economy is emerging from a crisis situation, private individuals and enterprises are looking for stable tools for investing, maintaining and increasing capital.

Implementation of construction projects and real estate investments are always associated with huge risks – material, incompleteness of the project, problematic issues with regulatory authorities and even a possible physical collapse of the object.

For the reasons described above, as well as because of the extraordinary cost of the facilities and the complexity of the project, the construction and real estate sector as a whole requires special attention from regulatory authorities. The regulatory framework that governs legal relations in the field of real estate and construction represents a significant set of laws and by-laws and regulatory acts that control a lot of bodies, and their attention is quite close. It should also be noted that the responsibility, sanctions, for violation in this area is enormous, up to the actual demolition of property for non-compliance with building codes. Private investors, who are citizens who invest in construction in progress, also face enormous risks.

A real estate lawyer is a specialist who can conduct an audit of a developer, analyze permissions, and assess all risks when buying an apartment.

Due diligence of the developer before buying a new apartment – our experts will conduct a full risk analysis and real estate audit. Verification is carried out from checking the primary documentation and ending with checking the availability of court decisions. You will be sure that you are buying a completely clean property.

The above fully affects the operations associated with land plots – quite often, owners hide the rights of third parties to land plots or other circumstances that complicate or even make it impossible to use a particular plot comfortably. Given the described, qualified legal support of real estate transactions of any type is a necessity, not a luxury – this will avoid the possibility of further appeal of the operation or even potential litigation.



How to check the apartment before buying in a new building?

You have the right to demand original documents from the developer You can check the documents at the stage of viewing the property or even a notary before the purchase. There are many pitfalls and it is best to seek legal help.

What is redevelopment of the apartment?

Repair and construction work that changes the characteristics of real estate. Redevelopment of the apartment is subject to documentation through obtaining a new technical passport.

How is the developer audited?

The audit is conducted by a full documentary check of the developer, for injunctions, mortgages, the presence of property rights of third parties and more.