Obtaining licenses and permissions

Legal assistance in obtaining licenses and permits

The process of obtaining licenses and permits for today in Ukraine is very difficult and changeable. At times, it’s not very easy to correctly understand all the permits, as There are many nuances and aspects that must be observed in accordance with applicable law.

If you decide to start your own business, which has features (for example, open restaurants, construction, drug sales, etc.), you need to study in detail the legislation on licensing certain types of activities and obtaining all necessary permits and conclusions.

Proper legal assistance will help you obtain a license and related permits. First of all, you will save your time and resources, get qualified support, which includes a full analysis of your business activities for which you need to get a license or permits. Initially, there is a need to identify whether it is necessary to obtain a license or permits for your type of activity. Next is the process of obtaining a license, preparation of a package of documents and their submission.

As a rule, all licenses and permits have a validity period, you need to monitor this and renew the license or permit in time.

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