Corporate law

Do you need to resolve a corporate dispute, or open your own business, get a license?

KompashKa project has extensive experience in the field of corporate law. Our company advises clients on a wide range of issues related to corporate law. If you need a professional lawyer in the field of corporate law, you can easily contact our company.

Our company works on a wide range of services in the field of corporate law, ranging from company registration in Ukraine to business structuring in foreign jurisdictions.

Today, legal entities most often require legal assistance in resolving a corporate dispute in connection with the following violations (for each of the list of violations, we have excellent legal practice):

  • denial of registration of legal entities contradicting the legislation;
  • unlawful exclusion of one or more persons from the founders of the joint stock company;
  • transfer of the rights and obligations of a potential buyer of shares to other persons;
  • the assignment of the share of the authorized capital belonging to the defendant;
  • payment of the value of the owned share in the property of the organization;
  • declaring contracts for the purchase and sale of shares invalid;
  • refusal to pay dividends.

The full list of services in corporate disputes, which are provided by our lawyers, includes a comprehensive solution to any problems, regardless of complexity.

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Consulting with corporate lawyers will help you get the full scope of primary legal assistance in the format of oral advice.

Together with a lawyer, you will be able to determine the optimal legal position of a defender or defendant to effectively represent the legal rights and interests of the client.



What to choose an individual entrepreneur or an LLC?

It all depends on the goals and scope of the activity. If you are the only one running your own business and the turnover is small, an individual entrepreneur will suit you. LLC - you can open when the activity requires certain licenses and permits, there are a lot of different nuances and difficulties in carrying out activities at the LLC.

How is the legal sale of an LLC carried out?

Through amendments to the constituent documents. For example, the owner of the company - the directors are removed, and you are appointed the new director, respectively, you become the new owner.

How to liquidate an individual entrepreneur?

To liquidate an individual entrepreneur, you must submit an application to the state registrar, pay all taxes, submit all reports to the tax authority and close all accounts, and at the end go through an audit.