Intellectual property

The modern world can be called digital with confidence – modern technologies are deeply integrated into all spheres of human life and business, colossal masses of information pass through everyone’s minds every day. We practically cannot imagine our life without a telephone, Internet and information from there, social networks and instant messengers … It should be noted that everything described is the result of the mental and creative work of the human mind, and, accordingly, the object of intellectual property.

An extremely negative practice in the field of intellectual property has developed in the CIS: for many years, not only citizens neglected, and even quite often illegally used, intellectual property, and even the state provided only declarative protection of rights so important at the present time. Everything is changing – “pirated” sites, resources and shops are closing down, more and more people are consuming licensed objects of intellectual property rights, the state is creating specialized judicial bodies to protect intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Lawyer – a specialist who will be able to provide the full range of services that you need. It will conduct a full analysis of your situation and draw up an optimal scheme for the exercise of your intellectual rights.

It should be noted that in addition to the intellectual property in the classical sense – copyright (books, databases, computer programs, paintings, music, illustrations, collections of works) – there are also industrial property objects, such as signs for goods and services (trademarks) , company (commercial) names, domain names, inventions and utility models, know-how, utility models, industrial designs, rationalization proposals, layout (topography) of integrated circuits , geographical indications, plant varieties.

Protection of intellectual property rights – this area of ​​law has many nuances and a lot of issues are regulated by international agreements, the independent protection of copyright or industrial designs can turn out to be a difficult task. Only thorough knowledge of all moments and specifics can effectively protect the results of intellectual and creative work. It should be noted that trademark registration is a very important element, so our specialists in this field will provide you with qualified assistance.



Do I have to register copyright?

No, Ukrainian legislation does not require mandatory registration of copyright.

What does the registration of intellectual property rights give?

You become the exclusive copyright holder, receive a full range of protective rights from unauthorized use by third parties.

When does copyright arise?

The moment of origin of copyright arises upon the creation or publication of a work.

What does a patent give?

A patent is a title of protection that confirms your exclusive right to an intellectual property object.