Civil Law

To date, civil law occupies a major place in legal relations. Starting from the purchase of products in the store, we conclude a contract of sale and at this moment civil relations appear, the norms of which are regulated by law, in particular, this is the Civil Code of Ukraine.

Civil law of Ukraine considers such relations that arise on the basis of all kinds of tangible and intangible benefits. Parties in such relations have equal rights and obligations.

Very often in this area there are problems and disputes, which often the subject himself can not solve. In such cases, qualified legal support is needed, which in certain cases will help to avoid litigation.

A civil lawyer is a multi-disciplinary specialist with extensive experience who can protect your interests.

Contacting a specialist is necessary in cases where you yourself cannot understand some areas of civil law relations. The most common are the following areas.

Category of disputes regarding property and recognition of ownership.

Cases on recognition of various agreements as invalid or violation of their material conditions.

Relations that are associated with the acquisition of goods and services by their consumers.

Credit relations, legal protection of the parties to the contract.

Issues related to inheritance and probate, entry into the inheritance, renewal of time.

Labor disputes regarding salary reimbursements, reinstatement, illegal dismissal and others. Family disputes about the division of jointly acquired property, divorce, payment of alimony.



How to register the sale of an apartment?

To register the sale of the apartment it is necessary to sign a notarized contract of sale after which the data on the new owner are entered into the appropriate register.

How to accept the inheritance?

To accept the inheritance, you need to apply to a notary with a statement at the place of opening the inheritance.

How is property divided in a divorce?

In most cases, the division of property is problematic through the courts property that was acquired jointly during the marriage is subject to division.

How to recognize a person incapable?

To declare a person incapable, you must apply to the court for recognition as such, at the place of residence of the individual.