Franchising is a legal relationship that develops between a franchisor and a franchisee in the process of transferring intellectual property rights, business models for use for a fee (royalty). Simply put, the franchisor (owner of the model) transfers the right to the other side of the franchisee to carry out activities on its behalf.

In Ukrainian law, franchising is called a commercial concession agreement. These relations are increasingly gaining popularity in connection with the development of the economy. Also, such a tool helps young entrepreneurs who want to open their own business.

Simply put, a franchise agreement is a type of lease, the subject of which is trademarks, intellectual property, industrial invention, copyrights and so on.

A very important point in the franchise is the lawyer for the legal support of franchising. Legal support of franchising – includes all areas of organization of the franchise system and its subsequent sale. Also, for those who are going to buy a franchise, we provide services to protect the interests of the investor. It aims to protect the interests of the investor when buying a franchise.

For maximum business protection – you need to correctly draw up a commercial concession agreement, which will describe in detail the rights and obligations of the parties, the subject of franchising will be clearly described, determining the territory in which the franchisee has the right to use the franchise. one of the key points that you should pay attention to, otherwise such an agreement may be invalidated, since the essential terms of the agreement are not fulfilled. Turning to us, you will receive a full range of services at all stages of franchise promotion, regardless of whether you are only going to create or already have rights. We support, starting with the creation of a franchise, ending with the legal protection of the rights and interests of the franchisor. Creating integrity, documenting transactions, we will organize the legal framework for the franchisee.



How to register a franchise?

To register a franchise, it is necessary to enter into a franchise agreement, in Ukraine it is called a commercial concession agreement.

How does a franchise business work?

As an entrepreneur, you buy the right to use a brand, a trademark and directly the very model of doing business.

How to pay for a franchise?

You pay an entrance fee and a monthly royalty - a percentage of revenue. In practice, some only take an entrance fee without royalties, but usually such a fee will be much higher.

Do I need to register a individual entrepreneur for a franchise?

So you need to be a business entity, as a individual entrepreneur or LLC, depending on the requirements of the franchise.