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Trademark price.

The cost of registering a brand depends on certain factors. Namely: the term of registration, accelerated registration or regular, then the number of classes for which you register a trademark. And the last is the look itself – verbal, graphic or combined.

The first factor that affects the value of a brand is the period for which you want to issue a TM.

Submission of the application takes place according to the general term. If you want to speed up the process, then you will need to accelerate the consideration of your TM mark.

The cost of the initial application (trademark price) is 4000 UAH. one class of registration. If you need to speed up the process. That will need to pay 5220 UAH to the state budget. for one class with a verbal or graphic sign. And for subsequent classes 612 UAH. In case of registration of a mark with a combined image. The cost of the application will be 9396 UAH. for one class and for the next 960 UAH.

Other necessary payments are:

The fee for issuing a registration certificate is 85 UAH.
Publication fee – 600 UAH. for each class of registration.
The fee for publishing a color brand is 200 UAH.

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