Administrative law

Administrative law regulates a wide range of legal relations that develop between individuals and legal entities on the one hand and the state on the other. Such relationships are often imperative. Legal disputes in the administrative sphere are very common and require close attention.

Absolutely every subject of administrative legal relations is faced with problems regarding the activities of the state. We always encounter indignation regarding the work of the state, which quite often turns into a controversial situation that needs to be addressed immediately.

Administrative lawyer specializes in resolving problems that arise in the course of actions of state bodies and local self-government. The bureaucracy of the functioning of the authorities can easily confound an ordinary person who is not always able to independently protect his rights and interests.

It is worth noting that the authorities often attract administrative responsibility without any special circumstances, in terms of violation of the law.

The support of an administrative lawyer is necessary for both individuals and legal entities. For example, in relation to physical. persons administrative arrests may be applied, in the jur. a large fine may be imposed on persons and the suspension of economic activity altogether. All these points require qualified legal support, otherwise there is a high risk of being left with nothing.

Cases of administrative offenses concern many areas of activity, in particular, violation of land, tax and customs legislation.



What is the term of administrative detention?

In Ukraine, the maximum term of administrative detention is 72 hours - three days. In turn, administrative arrest can be applied for up to 15 days.

How to appeal a traffic fine?

You can contact the National Police Department and provide evidence that there has been no violation or go to court.

What will happen if you do not register at the military registration and enlistment office?

According to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses, failure to register with the military registration and enlistment office is subject to a fine of UAH 85-99 for the first time, again from UAH 170 to 255.