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About KompashKa Law Company

Over the years, the legal consulting association KompashKa has been helping its clients develop in a professional vector.

Every day we are improving for you. Therefore, our clients receive the highest level of legal services and legal protection.

One of the main areas of our company is legal services to businesses. After all, business is the foundation of a strong, independent state. Thanks to our specialists, more than a hundred enterprises are actively and uninterruptedly operating. in Ukraine and in the international arena. Our clients can fully rely on KompashKa Law Firm. After all, the principles of our team are: professionalism, confidence, an active social and civic position. Confirmation of these words is the judicial practice of our lawyers.

The company’s lawyers hone their skills in the field of Tax, Administrative, Commercial Law, as well as related industries. Indeed, it is precisely the issues in these sectors that are the main obstacles to the vigorous activity of Ukrainian business in 2020.

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