About company

KompashKa is a legal association with a wide range of services. The first thing you should know – We are for a non-standard approach to jurisprudence. No boilerplate solutions, just creativity and innovation. Already today our lawyers are developing more than 12 areas of law. We provide a wide range of services related to the legal protection of legal entities and individuals both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. The main task of our law firm’s work is the formation and development of a legal society, the development of entrepreneurship both in the national market and in international relations.

The team of a law firm in Kiev consists of first-class lawyers and attorneys who try to work with each client as with their direct employer. The services of our association are used by representatives of various business sectors and private individuals. We work with everyone with whom it seems interesting to us, or who needs high-quality legal assistance. Starting from issues of family and civil law for individuals, ending with large construction, agricultural companies and representatives of the IT industry. Thanks to our niche approach, you will find a reliable partner both in the field of information technology / IT (IT lawyers), and in the field of commercial law (Business lawyers), in tax matters (Tax lawyer), in administrative matters (Administrative law lawyer ) and in many other areas. We create effective and cross-industry legal support for your business or private life. Do you need to register a company, become an entrepreneur, apply for a trademark, patent, obtain a residence permit or structure a business in Kiev or Ukraine? Contact us. And check that this is not all we can help with.

Consulting is one of the key areas of our work. We provide both free legal advice to persons in need of assistance, and we advise on a contractual basis representatives of businesses and non-profit organizations. For the latter, the ‘Pro Bono’ program has been developed, which allows you to receive high-quality legal support absolutely free of charge. The area of ​​legal advice is led by partners whose experience and knowledge allow you to quickly understand the essence of the case and in the shortest possible time. We will help you find useful, practical, and, most importantly, correct solutions. Our employees are members of a variety of specialist organizations and regularly participate in many national and international round tables. We are for attracting international experience to Ukraine.

Legal assistance. In order to provide it in the highest quality form, we use an unusual analytical approach. All questions are broken down into components. After that, they are carefully studied and synthesized in the correct sequence. Our law firm is looking for solutions that meet the needs of each client. Correct decisions, combined with the provision of clear and beneficial recommendations to the client – this is what helps the company develop long-term relationships with everyone who contacted us.

Legal representation and mediation are one of the main activities of our company. Despite desires, controversial situations are one of the components of life. This applies to both businesses and individuals. Our mediators will be happy to help you resolve any legal dispute in the areas in which our association operates. From practice, it is the pre-trial settlement of disputes that is the most profitable way to deal with the conflict. In this case, you can get the most effective result in the shortest possible time. But, if it is impossible to cope with the situation within the framework of mediation or a claim procedure, a good litigation lawyer in Kiev and Ukraine is the main way to defend legal interests. According to the opinions of our clients, which are recognized by legal ratings, our litigation attorneys can be classified as ‘good’.

Clients regularly rate us as top lawyers in terms of efficiency, understanding of their business needs and legal awareness. If you need the services of a lawyer, a lawyer in Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa, any other city of Ukraine – feel free to contact us via a convenient communication channel, and start working outside the box right now.

We are proud of our principles! Non-standard solutions, going beyond templates, customer-oriented approach and attraction of international experience are what you should try. You will understand why you should become our partner!