Fitness room “Fitness & Gym”

Location: Kiev city
Fitness and sports
17 month
Share for sale
Monthly income
42000 грн

A set of simulators for all muscle groups, designed for 120-150 sq.m. Business package
I sell everything in a set

Name of simulators
Box type simulator
1.3-position station with block frame InterAtletikGym BT104 1pc
2. New Noble XG-Q-9008 hip flexor 1pc
3. Exercise machine for flexion / extension. thigh muscles (combined) New Noble XG-Q-9009 1pc
4. Trainer for adductor and abductor muscles of the thigh New Noble Q-9022 1pc
5. Breast machine InterAtletikGym BT105 1pc
6. Shin machine (standing) Inter Atletika BT119 1pc
7. Combined machine with unloading InterAtletikGym BT125 1pc

Cardio trainers
8. Orbitrek (life fitness x3) 1pc
9. Treadmill (circle fitness sprint m6 ac) 1pc
10. Exercise bike (cycle) 1pc

Free weights
11. Pull down (inter atletika (professional line) (BT211) 1pc
12. Smith Machine InterAtletikGym BT201 1pc
13. Leg press (angle 45 °) folding InterAtletikGym ST202P 1pc
14. Press up InterAtletikGym BT205 1pc
15. Hook-machine InterAtletikGym BT203 1 piece
16. Press at an angle up InterAtletikGym BT206 1pc
17. Swedish wall (inter atletika) 1pc
18. Frame for squats (universal) (vasyl) 1pc
19. Roman chair adjustable for the press New Noble XG-Q-9040 AB 1pc
20. Corner hyperextension InterAtletikGym BT313 1pc
21. New Noble XG-Q-9037 bench press 30 degrees for chest 1pc
22. Rack for squats InterAtletikGym BT309 1pc
23. Adjustable bench InterAtletikGym BT302 3pcs
24. T-bar InterAtletikGym BT204 1pc
25. Scott’s bench 1pc
26. New Noble XG-Q-9036 horizontal bench press 1pc
27. Shin machine (sitting) InterAtletikGym BT213 1pc
28. Racks for pancakes New Noble Q-9044 2pcs

Dumbbell row
29. Pyramid dumbbell 1-10 kg 1pc
30. Dumbbell row 2.5-40 kg, 2 pieces
31. Prefabricated dumbbells (large) (vasyl gym) 45kg 2pcs
32. Prefabricated dumbbells (large) (vasyl gym) 50kg 2pcs
33. Prefabricated dumbbells (large) (vasyl gym) 55kg 2pcs
34. Rack for dumbbells (for a set of 15 pairs) New Noble XG-Q-9043 1pc

Pancakes with a narrow diameter 50 UAH / kg
35.0.5 kg 1pc
36.1 kg 16pcs
37.2.5kg 11pcs
38.5 kg 5pcs

Pancakes with a wide diameter with handles 120grn / kg
39.1.25 kg 2pcs
40.2.5 kg 4pcs
41.5 kg 4pcs
42.10 kg 19pcs
43.15 kg 14pcs
44.20 kg 10pcs
45.25 kg 10pcs
The total weight of the pancakes is 900kg

46. ​​Olympic neck 200 mm. – 20 kg 2pcs
47. Barbell “folk” InterAtletika C3-16AT-M ø50 mm 153 cm 1pc
48. Neck Z-shaped InterAtletika C3-18-M ø50 mm (without locks), 121cm 1pc
49. Neck (narrow diameter) EZ – 7 kg 2pcs
50. Straight neck (narrow diameter) – 7 kg. 1 PC

Optional equipment
51. Vertical rack for bars 6 pcs
52. W-shaped handle InterAtletika E5-13-M revolving, 71cm 1pc
53. Straight pull handle InterAtletika E5-21-M rotating 1pc
54. InterAtletika D4-02-M lower row (parallel grip) rotating, 86cm
55. InterAtletika E5-08-M traction handle (biceps) V-shaped, rotating 1pc
56. Clip for neck C3-05-M 6pcs
57. Rectangular pull handles 2pcs
58. Neck lock InterAtletika C3-09 (2.5kg) ø50 mm, chrome plated 2pcs

Hall equipment
59. Lockers 8 sectional 2pcs
60. Cabinets 6 sectional 8pcs
61. Benches 4pcs
62. Receptionist 1pc
63. Chair 1pc
64. Mirrors 12sq. meters

Direct sale (Owner)

With our help you can buy Fitness room “Fitness & Gym” ( Fitness and sports ) in Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkov, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Kryvyi Rih, Mariupol, Vinnitsa, Kherson, Poltava, Chernigov, Cherkassy, Zhitomir, Sums, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kremenchug, Ternopil Lutsk, Kramatorsk, Melitopol, Nikolaev. Fast renewal. Full legal and accounting support for the transaction.
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